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In 1967, William Kilpatrick left his job at General Motors and started a career as an entrepreneur in the Niagara Region as the owner of A-1 Moving Co. Through hard work, honesty and dedication, Mr. Kilpatrick established A-1 Moving Co. as a fair and reliable alternative in the moving industry. Bill, as most knew him, built a business that catered to the working class and quickly became a trusted name of honest service and good work ethic.

In 1994, Jeffrey Kamckey assumed the role as owner after working with A-1 Moving Co. for 10 years and trademarked the company in 2002 as “A-1 Moving Generations”. He has been moving furniture for over 30 years now, and in those years, he has learned that hard work, honesty and fairness will always do best in dealing with the public. He instills those same values with his workers to continue the reputation A-1 Moving Co. has built.

Our Mission

The mission of the company was never to see how large it could grow but to watch our clientele grow through trust, confidence, fairness and satisfaction.

Our Products & Services

We promise clean, reliable trucks that will arrive at your door on time. Our trucks are all outfitted with clean furniture pads, dollies and all of the other equipment needed to properly ensure the safety of your goods. Our experienced and trustworthy staff will be there through the move to take care of your belongings and answer any questions you may have.

Our Competitive Edge

A-1 Moving Co. provides personable service as a small independent company in the Niagara Region. With no large overheads, we can provide excellent service at an economical cost. We help many seniors with their moves and provide only our own trusted, company-trained, bondable staff. A-1 Moving Co. is here for our customers and their needs, whether it be helping to set up beds or to rearrange items in their homes. Our service extends beyond just dropping off your boxes.

Memorable Moves

A-1 Moving Co. is not a franchisee whose reputation is built on a multinational name; instead, our business has grown through customers who refer us to family members and friends and who call us for every move they make. Our business is not a volume business based on the number of moves we do every year; rather, it is based on a commitment to offering our clients a level of personal and caring service that makes moving an orderly transition instead of a chaotic disruption of your life or business.

Jeffrey Kamckey, the owner of A-Moving Co., says, “When I run into my customers in public, I want them to greet me like a friend. We never need to avoid a previous customer for any reason. Our business is not measured by the number of people on the payroll; it’s the size of the trust we’ve developed in the community.

When I promise someone I'll look after their grandparents' move, I mean it. I personally look after it. We answer to all of our actions. We're not happy until our customer is.”


For more information on our moving services, give us a call today.

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