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Moving Checklist

Start by going through your apartment and purging your belongings. This will give you an idea of how much stuff you have.
Create an inventory of everything you need to move and things that should be discarded.
Check your furniture and donate all that you do not need.
Recheck the inventory of the items you want to take with you and make a final list.
To get rid of the unwanted items, you can either arrange a garage sale or arrange for a donation.
Make a list of the moving supplies you would need to pack the items, such as newspapers, tapes, bubble wraps, mattress covers, dish barrels, and markers. Start collecting these items in one place.
It is a great idea to submit a change of address form to your post office.
Research about the best moving companies in your area and choose one. Giving time to the company of your choice will be helpful in easy management and proper arrangements.
Check for storage in your new building.
You can start packing up the frequently used items such as books and Christmas decorations. Note down the value of each item you pack.
Get your rugs and draperies cleaned. You can keep them wrapped so that it is convenient for you and the movers.
Verify the value of your antiques by obtaining a written appraisal.
If you need to make packing arrangements with your moving company, do it now.
This is the right time to book the elevator for hassle-free moving.
Notify your insurance company and arrange for transfer policies.
Prepare a list of friends, companies, banks, and personal accounts who should be notified of your relocation.
Apply for leave for your moving day.
Check if you need any minor home repairs in the house and arrange for them.
It is a good idea to start packing room by room. This will help you get a fair idea of the things you are packing and make moving in easy.
Put everything properly into boxes and ensure that all boxes are taped and marked.
Pack a suitcase with a few clothes and essentials to manage for a few days.
After you have packed all your stuff, arrange for a cleaning company to clean the house thoroughly.
Check your furniture for any dents or scratches before you load it into the truck.
Check your refrigerator and plan for defrosting one day before you move out.
Make sure to drain out all the equipment before they are steady to be transported.
Confirm the travel booking for your pets and family.
Notify the primary agencies such as cable, gas, water, and garbage in advance to cut the connection. Also, inform the utility agencies in your new area to confirm the activation dates.
If you are leaving behind any appliances, leave the manuals and warranty cards in one place for the new occupants.
Carry a lockbox in your car for your valuable jewelry, cash, and other items.
Make sure all loose items are packed in boxes.
Arrange the boxes in the order in which they are to be loaded in the truck.
Label the boxes on the sides and top according to the category like stationery, toiletries and clothes.
Double-check if your appliances are not loaded and drained out properly.
Check all the cabinets, closets and apartments and ensure that you are not leaving anything behind.
Reach your destination before the movers do so that you can guide them properly while unloading.
Prepare an essentials box with toilet paper, phone chargers, paper towels, some clothes, dish soap, pet food, towels, portable tool kit, minimal cleaning supplies, and some food.
Make sure to switch off all lights, turn off the water supply, shut windows and doors, and turn down the thermostat.
You can ask your moving company to help you unpack. Flatten the boxes after you unpack and arrange for donating the boxes.
Make sure to change the address on your driving license, car insurance, government insurance program and such.
Leave a review of your moving company.
It is exciting to be in a new house. Invite some friends over for a housewarming party.

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